Friday, July 25, 2008


Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today I was fortunate in having the opportunity to see presidential hopeful Barack Obama deliver a speech to an overly excited Berlin.  Over 250,000 people showed up, which is an encouraging show of support for the first stop on Obama's  European Girls Gone Wild tour, however it is a bummer that the Berlin speech has been the largest crowd he has addressed yet on his campaign, and the turnout has sadly not been matched on his home soil.  Anyway, it was amazing to see someone orate to such a mass of people as comfortably as he did.
Some highlights:

a) B.O. is a US citizen, but also a World citizen, exemplified by his family roots ie " dad was a goat farmer in Kenya..."

b)Before the speech, which was delivered late by the way, a helicopter hovered 300m over the podium, and banter could be heard anticipating a fashionable late entry by Barack rappelling down a rope from above (clearly with special red white and blue pyrotechnics involved as well)

c)He wore a blue tie.  A blue tie.

d)Kanye West wasn't there although some mediocre U2/Nickleback coverband Les and I dubbed "Teargarden" did play for waaaaay too long, hopefully not at B.O.'s request

e)Rostbratwurst and frosty Berliner Kindl pilsner were being sold along the way to the sportsfans in attendence, however I chose to keep politics and business separate.

Here are some people along the way:

Jurgen Myerhoffer, President of Reporting that shiiiiit

disenfranchised youth, Presidents of coming-together-to-sell-bootleg-Obama-"The tidal wave of change"-t-shirts-for-5euros-a-pop for that Ass 

Various World Citizens(96% German), Presidents of a Love Hate Relationship with America 'n sheeeeiiit

Barack Obama, President of Being a Candidate for the Presidency of USA  for that Asss

Leon Black

Thursday, July 17, 2008



I don't think the professor here was too stoked on the idea of Crypts of Eternity

Sim City Versions of White Horse and White Pony:

I suck at computersss


I was pleasantly surprised to completely randomly without warning run into Les. Totally holy smokes. Turns out he is in Berlin until the beginning of September, so you'll probably see more of him on here...

A bro, a brew, and a brat. Good day.


Classroom situation.


Sooooo, finally I was able to finish the first "working" model of the White Horse/White Pony prototype just in time for the critique and open house that the school here (KHB Weissensee) in Berlin hosted . I definitely want to use the term "working model" loosely as there were a few difficulties in producing accurate porcelain casts, as well my skills as a carpenter-under-pressure come into question as well, however, as a first model it works (just don't sit on it).

White Pony.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


BJ Bernt smashing a waste of time

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Here is one thing i've been workin' on.   These are all made of porcelain, cast in plaster molds, which were made from one original, however each one is quite unique due to a variety of many special ingredients and factors...
Pre-bisque firing.  Getting ready to go to hell...

After high firing and glazing.

Goat Ring.  This shape was designed by El Scumador. 

Broken ring...



Weeks in review...

Hats off the the Vogels who kindly took a seafood deprived BC boy out for some great Italian seafood at a secret spot hidden amidst this wasteland of trife doners and ghetto schwarmas.  You guys are saints.  I would have shown pictures of those aforementioned dishes, however they vanished quickly.  This was the follow up to the meal--hands down the best panna cotta I have ever had.

Nina as Vanna White

Strato came through too.  His sole purpose was to help take down the Berlin wall, reunite Germany, smite communism and maybe have a brew after, as a reward for all that hard work.  As he learned later, the wall was smited in '89,  Germany reunited and communism was out, so naturally he layed down a few anti-commie wallrides in peaceful, but radical protest.

My commie camera was trying to sabotage the capitalist swine in pursuit of gnarliness.

Enjoy a brew, check.

So, maybe you heard, but Germany blew it in the EM football championships, losing to Spain.  The game was super anticlimactic, and so were the losing German fans.  I was expecting full riot almost either way win or lose, but after the game everyone just kinda went away.



Also, Canada Day shenanegans were had here