Monday, June 30, 2008


Sorry fer bein so tard' lately. I got stuff goin on, plus the interweb at my fortress is acting like it is still 1981. Big game tonight. Spain vs Germany. Big screen. outdoors. I dunno, maybe some stuff and some people, no biggie. You bastards overthere in lumberjackland are goin' campin. Kinda jealous of that. Wanna cluse a few, if ya burn my wagon. More to come on the savagery of the big match, youse prikse!

Friday, June 20, 2008


The European Masters soccer championships are currently going on here, in Switzerland and Austria to be specific, and the German team has made it to the semi-finals after a win over Austria the other night. Steven and Nina's friend Julia invited me up to her place, which has a rooftop patio, to watch the German-Austria game. So, as I told you, the Germans won, and were matched up to play Portugal last night. I met up with the Vogels and some of their friends at a Portuguese restaurant in the quiet west side neighborhood of Charlottenburg to have a bite, and watch the Germans lose to the strong Portuguese team. Somehow, someway the Deutsch team played their socks off and won, and people here in Berlin were happy about it. Basically, the amount of fans in the street made the Stanley Cup riots in Vancouver look like a tea party.

Ausria vs Germany game at Julia's rooftop sports bar.  Nina preparing to clack a clack.

Dinner before the Portugal-Germany game.   Soul food--weiner wurst and potato salad.

Clack ready.


Steven post game.  Happy?

Weird guy on TV

At this point it was time to begin to head home, so we walked down Kurfurstendaam, which would be like Robson but higher end, towards Zoologishergarten, where I was gonna catch the train home.  Then we ran into these guys...

Oka, Germany.


Smoke break fellas?

jyeeeeeah, Deutschland, Vaaaasss!

She likes balls--the soccerey kind.

So, if Germany loses the next match, you can probably expect some pictures of things on fire.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I've been haunted by this song recently. My interest originated in two incidences; the first time was when a few years ago an art history teacher named Art Perry showed the Nick Cave version; the second time is as a result of repeatedly listening to the sound track to Tarantino's Death Proof. The latter instigated me to research a little bit more (not that the Cave and the Bad Seeds version was any less impressive). The song has been titled many things and re-written and re-interpreted many times since the legend occurred. The song is about Lee Shelton, aka, Stagger Lee, Stagolee, Stackerlee, Stack O'Lee, Stack-a-Lee etc., black cab driver and alleged pimp in St. Louis, who shoots his acquaintance Billy Lyons. Anyway, it is quite nearly impossible for me to get through a day without listening to at least one version of this song. Check here for some semi-accurate info about the Stag.

One of the original versions by Lloyd Price

Nick Cave does it right

PG&E version

Also, Ram John Holder has been blowing my mind. Good looking out to Jon for that...

Ram J is the shit. Unfortunately, there are no available videos for that dude, probably cuz he ain't recorded shit since '71 as far as I know...?


Also, Roger Taylor rips this shit...
"I like the good things in life, but most of the best things ain't free"...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


There have been many significant John Stuarts. You have John Stewart, the Canadian financier, and railway builder. Jon Stuart, the American songwriter who wrote songs for the Monkees, who recently passed away. There was also British philosopher John Stuart Mill, which kinda counts, and of course many unspoken J.S.s. I mean, there could even be a French man named Jean Stouart. I know you've heard of all the above John Stuarts, but the only really important one has a website that is really hard to find because of those other bastards. His name is John Stuart. He is funny. Buy him a beer.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Dan and Paul are on the road.  Who knows where they'll end up.  Actually, they'll end up in New York.  What happens between Vancoov and the Big Apple?  That answer lies here----->6

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Planning to go for a bit of a bike ride this week out to the infamous Teufelsberg here in Berlin. The history behind Teufelsberg is quite interesting. So, in German, "Teufelsberg" translates into "Devil's Mountain". Obviously this made further inquiry and investigation a must. So, after WWII ended Berlin was a huge pile of waste as it was bombed to shit during the war. What this meant was that the waste created from the destruction had to go somewhere, and the place designated was the place known now as Teufelsberg. Keep in mind that about 80% of the city was destroyed in bombing, and if piled up it equaled about 12 million cubic meters, basically a small mountain if you were to pile it up. So this is what the allies did. They erected Devil's Mountain from haunted war wastage. To make matters more interesting, during the time when Berlin was divided by the wall the Western powers, UK, France, and the US discovered that due to the unrivaled elevation of the mound that it would make a perfect place to survey happenings in East Berlin, aka, spy on them, so they build a state of the art surveillance center on top of the mountain. After the wall came down and spying from that vantage was no longer useful the station was abandoned, and ravaged by vandalism, despite unsuccessful attempts at reconstituting the area into a high end hotel the area has remained abandoned in silence at the top of Devil's Mountain, that is until recently, when American filmaker David Lynch negotiated a deal with the city of Berlin to take over the mortgage and install a world class educational institution for learning Transcendental Meditation at the location. So Lynch hired a all knowing guru of this form of Meditation, who is the self proclaimed "Raja of Germany" (King of Germany), and planned to present their plans to eager TM followers. Anyway, during the presentation the the Raja starts going off about his intentions to reinstate "Invincible Germany", which was a famous line from everyones favorite Deutschbag. Hitler. So obviously, this is a sensitive topic that Germans don't really want to remember, and all hell breaks loose. Watch the's almost too much. So anyway, of course everyone thinks Lynch is involved in some Nazi revival shit, especially considering the haunting history of what the mountain is made of. On top of all that, the mountain is surrounded by Grunevald forest, which is apparently full of wild boars from hell who lust human blood and will trample you and eat your soul. So naturally Teufelsberg is an attractive tourist destination. If I don't post in a few days, go roast a whole pig for me.

Visit sunny Teufelsberg

Watch Lynch get Lynched

Lynch and Transcendental Meditation

Monday, June 9, 2008


Piles like us decided that it was of great bro-ey-ness to embark on a little train trip.  With pretty much no planning we threw our stuff if some bags, and headed to Hauptbanhof to buy some train tickets to somewhere.  Once at the station we decided that the 5 day EUrail pass was best--it basically allows you to use the train for 5 days, consecutively or not within a 2 month period.  On top of that we chose it to be valid in three (really four) countries:  Germany, Austria, and Slovenia/Croatia which according to EUrail count as one country.  The best plan we decided was to start off by trucking down to Croatia, where the sun was.  To get there, which is about 1000 miles, we took the night train from Berlin to Munich.  There was a bit of roadpoppin involved--it is kinda hard to sleep on a train unless you are well traveled, high on gravol, or know in the least for a night ride which you intend to sleep on it is worth paying a bit extra for a sleeper car.  To add to our exhaustion the train was delayed by 4.5 hours, so 8 hours turned into 12.5...
Great Canadian ambassador. 


Can never get enough, I'm on a nachzug 

Munchen, 12 hours, 3l of beer, 3l of water, and 1 hour of sleep later

It was Sunday in Munich and being the gods that we are("Gods" in a RZA kind of way), we decided to treat the temple of our bodies to greasy grilled vegetable sandwiches and trashy train station coffee.  This may have been a poor decision, because the "facilities" on the next train through the Austrian Alps were not "updated" since the "middle ages". 
Epic view,
tragic poo.

Almost every town has a church visible from the rail lines.  Unlike Norway.

The train yards of Salzburg

Great Escape wise vectorish

Like a fresh towel drying on the line on a summers day


Goat head easy choice
y'know, the zlatorog...?
What's up with the Wings re-runs!!!  Wings!!!

City plan wise, they had one!  Castle wise, they had one!  Bums from Canada they had two!

City by night.  Awesome!!! !!!

666wise, Lashko is down.  Good enough Pivo for Satan, good enough for us...

I got this fox's phone number

I'm from Canada and I'm wasted

Da Snaga man takes away de garbage.  Snagaman!!!

Pilesofepicproportions.  !!!

Ljubljana from the top of the castle!  Excellent!!!
I like to call this "Ljubljanaramic"!!!

Ljubljana is very clean, this man was even vacuuming the sidewalk.  Spotless!!!

Just a guy

Don't look at me

Everyone in Podgorje was very friendly!  See you again soon!!!

Zazid was closed, so we kept going!!!

Not much going on here!

Whoa!!! My head is out of the window!!!

Two guys on vacation, just passing through.  No trouble mister train officer man.  Just kidding!!! 


A boat.


Pula nightlife.

Croatian.  I think they were Croatian.  Yes, pretty sure, Croatian.

Not too much to say about that which hasn't been said already.

Avoiding Croat beer, un-avoiding the sun
shark infested waters

Post-wise G&T with the worst gin ever.  "SaxGin"--looked "edgy", and there wasn't any other option.  Conclusion--->Croatia, good for Sea and Sun, but stick to imports in the refreshment vector.


Big salad?