Tuesday, May 20, 2008


What is with Udo.  These are the Udo's I don't know

Udo Dirkschneider of U.D.O.

Udo Schuklenk, bioethicist,  is hanging out like real cool and easylike here 

Udo Kier the great Deutsch pretender

I'm over it.  Look at all the Udo's.  I thought it was a good name, but shit is played out like currywurst on a friday night.  Google pages full of Udos. 


Apparently I don't really know what's happening. 1.7 million American listeners weekly do however know that Chicago Public Radio's This American Life is something worth hearing.  If you haven't heard of it, like myself about a month ago,  you should go check the site out because they have archived podcasts for all the old shows, and also you can sign up for all the new podcasts one week after they air on the radio.  

In a nutshell this show is hosted by Ira Glass, who apparently has done every job in the journalist field in DC, and since '95 has had this show.  Now, as I mentioned, a bunch of prople listen to it and things seem pretty, preeeeteeeey good for Ira.  On the website the description of the show is: 

"...One of our problems from the start has been that when we try to describe This American Life in a sentence or two, it just sounds awful. For instance: each week we choose a theme and put together different kinds of stories on that theme. That doesn't sound like something we'd want to listen to on the radio, and it's our show...."  

Anyway it's better that that blurb, you're just gonna have to trust me.  Here's the full description for you nerds who like to read.
Y'know, sometimes you just gotta put down the bud, turn down the Lizzy and punch your radicalness-cortex in the nuts for being so awesome.  Listen for this show for an hour a week, then apologize--I think he will understand, 'spesh if you bring a sixer of Buds along.

this american life is here

Monday, May 19, 2008


Friday, May 16, 2008


thanks C.B.


Les Ramsey.

Go see his stuff.  here---> abracadabra


I happened to stumble upon this the other day, and since I was on the topic of film, I might as well go with it.  I'm not quite sure if this qualifies in the film, art, or in the I-live-in-a-grey-city-and-drinkafucklot-and-take-acid-tri-weekly department, however I do know for sure that I have seen almost 8 minutes of it, and want to see more.  If you live in Vancouver, this might be an interesting watch for you cuz it seems to to have themes running through it that we can all relate to from skateboarding puppets to the crakklord wizards of the eastside, plus Hernan is in it.  The music, done by Shayne Ehman is good too.

This thing

Go to the site here...

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Last night I went to see a screening of Bullitt featuring Steve McQueen, and some other dudes and a babe.  I don't know too much about movies, however I do think this film definitely possesses some of the characteristics of a classic--The wardrobe is spot on, the dialogue is reserved to some exceptional one liners,  there is some action, and most of all there is a super good car chase.  Generally cars seem like a waste of time to me and i'm not interested, but when they go really fast, sound like they do in this clip, and either fly off a cliff or blow up eventually then thats cool.  Anyhow, the point about the movie I was going to make was that it could use some editing.  By editing, I mean cut out 2 hours of crap and leave just the elements of the classic, like the following chase scene which would comprise over 50% of the movie, along with a few other interesting shots of Steve McQ. making the turtleneck look cool, some gunfights, and maybe a shot of Robert Duvall as a cab driver.  And also the shot of Jacqueline Bisset eating some mini wheats.

Monday, May 12, 2008



This past Saturday we made plans to venture into the Tiergarten park and meet up with our personal ministry of Deutsch culture, the Vogels, for a lesson in day beers.  This is a tradition that runs strong  in this crazy country, and participation in the ritual is as common as going to church on Sunday, er, or like totally sleeping in on Sunday, whichever suits you.  Since we were in a "beer garden", the consuming of other varieties of refreshment is patriotically frowned upon--however, for the weaker beer drinkers, such as Ms. Soltis, the Germans have created a fantastic solution to the problem.  It's called Radler--mix a glass of beer with sprite, and serve it up to the less enthusiastic participants, and that is how you fit the mold here in the Deutsch if you can't bear the deliciously refreshing flavour of coldies.   
More info on the event from the ministry here...
Another trick of the trade:  Salty = thirsty...

Friday, May 9, 2008


Well, sorry to dispel the myth, but I have actually been doing a few other things than the usual "beers" related activities.  I have been working a bit with porcelain for the project I'm working on at school.  In summary, German based porcelain manufacturer Rosenthal is holding a contest for 5 schools to submit porcelain product prototypes.  The stipulations are that the product must be at least 50% porcelain, and can incorporate other materials.   As well, the suggested key word for initiative is "innovation".  Well, ya.  Still thinking about what direction to go exactly, but working on some fun pet projects with porcelain to get the feeling of the material in the mean time.  I have to give my man Zeddy a tip of the hat for the inspiration on this one.   PS, you get the first pair.

A bit of a "homage/parody".  To be fired porzelan.  Obviously you've seen this shape before...


Went to Potsdam.  Hung out at the palace.  Got kicked off the grass for sitting there too hard.  Also, they tried to charge us 12 euros to do the royal tour of the palace interior.  Uh, no--sorry, actually that 12 euros could feed a whole family in the united republic of bongobongo for a week, so, uh, lets do that.
Sorry grass.  Sorry Potsdam.  Sorry.

Shitty palace.  I hate your face--cade.
Stupid palace thing.  Crappy all the way.  

Even though the palace was a bit of a letdown Redia and Miki totally scored by drinking the cheapest wine available at the train station.  Oh well, it was 1.69 euro and at least it was imported from Bulgaria.  

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Just wanted to pass congrats on to Zeddy aka Zeemunji aka Zachary Fluker, who just graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design.  Take a look at his grad project here (thx K.G. link).  The BC Bench is the product of about seven months planning,  hundreds of hours of stress, I don't even wanna count how many cigarettes, and also a great ambition and drive.  The result of all that hard work is amazing and clearly speaks for itself.  Also, I want to wish Z-man the best of luck in the next step in his education at the Architectural Association School of Architecture.  

Monday, May 5, 2008


Fire's a burnin', crowds a stirin'

Hello Cops.  Hello bottles.  Time to go maybe...Plus there weren't even any cars on fire.

This was pretty much the summary of the night.  No cars burned.  No aaaactual fight between cops and punks.  A lot of bottle and m-80 throwing by provocative punks.  A whole bunch of police officers showed up, howeverm were still outnumbered--even though they had super cop suits from the future on. 


"Hey dude, what was the score in the football game yesterday?"
"Uh, I dunno, I think Chelse---hey!!!  There's some chicks over there!!!"

Riot Trash+Fire=German Efficiency


In rolls the cavalry.  This caravan was about 40 vehicles long...

The kids on the street understand "Konflict" with a 'K' waaaay more than with a 'C'.  Safe to say 'K' has more street kred. 

Blue Man Group slash Braveheart totally played.


Kottbusser Tor Banhof//station...bunch of yute's hangin' out.
Big Police dude...er...woman.

"Everyone is taller than me and they smell..."


So the other night, after Dre and Ali's visit both Redia and I were ready for a few serious days of detox and chill at home time, however the hard workin' Deutsch schedule just wouldn't allow for it.  There is this big holiday, which basically equates to labour day in Canada.  The main day is off is always Mai.1.  All the shops are closed and everything is quiet, for the most part.  April 30 is the night before the holiday, which means that if you are a good German you should be on the street drinking bottles and bottles of beer rambling around looking for something exciting to happen.  After a little bbq at school Redia a few classmates and I went to Mauer Park, where apparently shit goes down.  There were lots of Germans, scumbags, German scumbags, and also some scattered ex-pat scumbags, and of course us.  Rumour had it that some scumbag vs. cop action might happen, but on this calm final night of April the shit did not hit the proverbial fan.

As for Mai 1...?  For a few years around 1999 2001  Mai 1 had been the really exciting day to be a spectator...


So Dre "The Nose" Mulebag came to town to kick off his eurogap tour for 2008.  I was lucky enough to get him fresh off the plane from the flight from Vancouver-London-Berlin.  Of course he and his lovely travel mate Ali were fresh as a bag of steamed spinach, undeterred by the shittyness of Heathrow 5 and bad "vintage" airline chardonnay and were ready to explore the city known as the gateway to the east.
Over the 5 day visit we got to see most of the big landmarks by day--including Brandenburger Tor , the TV tower at Alex'platz, the old bombed out church from my earlier posts, and a bit of the West Berlin shopping area Ku'daam , which obviously none of us dirtbags could afford anything except for bratwurst, except Redia, who probably could have afforded things, but she was still thinking about Alexander McQueen and Martin Margiela in Milan.
During the evenings we scoured my hood by foot with brews and rambled in and out of dives.
Despite being a huge pile, wait...no that's it.

Remember that movie "Spies Like Us", with Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase?  That was a great movie.  We should re-make that movie, except instead of being about spies during the cold war in Russia with Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase, it could be about some dudes in a random place who mission for coldies and stay up till 5am doing so and hence don't wake up till well after sunrise and do the same thing for about three days in a row, and instead of Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase it would star Dre and Beers.  We could call it "Piles Like Us".  We thought Uli might be a bogey, but it was okay--he turned out to be a pile.  Safe!

Dre likes weiners.

We had a good ride on the last day.  The dudes (meaning everyone but me) all rented some sweet hogs and we shredded the city.  We watched these breakdance dudes who were actually pretty good, but they had one corny 49 year old bleach blond skater there who was busting the same shit routine for like 3 rounds.  Found this video of him on u toob...get a job you dead beat...oh wait...
Anyway, we decided it was time to go do our jobs, and do them properly since Dre and Ali were leaving the next day on an 8am flight, so they wanted to be sure to be in bed early...

Oh ya, thanks for the b'day night you sonsofbitches!!!